Rabu, 13 Oktober 2010

Bumblee2:The Face Shop Colour Nuance Intence For Cheek & Stick Eye Shadow

Product: The Face Shop Color Nuance Intense For Cheek in PK104
Price: $15?
Rating: 7/10
I Love the packaging of this particular line in face shop it doesnt look cheap BUT it doesnt put stress on the wallet, it looks kinda like Sh
u Uemura's packaging not kidding!. You should do a search on that, they look similar!.
Appearance aside time to test the product, it has an ok staying power, pigmentation is ok. Its not powdery, nor chalky if you know what i mean. But i like this one for those au naturel days, i've only tried this colour PK101.

Product: The Face Shop Stick Eye Shadow in Golden Brown & Pink
Price: $9.xx
Rate: 6/10
I like the concept of it, its a good on the go product if your like in a rush and want just some colour on your eyelids. But im not really into stick eyes shadows, or i havent really find good kind of stick eyeshadow yet (A noob at stick eyeshadows). If you are planning to buy this type of eyeshadow bear in mind it has small glitter particles. If you're one of those people that gets eye irritation easily. I suggest a normal powder foundation is right for you. But there's no harm in trying, I still don't mind the glitter particles anyways.

Thumbs up. Great for those in-a-rush -that-i-only-have-time-to-put-on-make-up-in-the-car-and-i-will-still-look-hot-no-matter-what Days =DDD


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