Rabu, 13 Oktober 2010

Bumblee2's Hello~~

Hello, and welcome to The Bumblees Beauty Review Blog! I am Bumblee2 :). As my "partner in crime, Bumblee1, has already mentioned, i'll be doing make up reviews, ranging from drugstore brand to high end brands and everything in between.

First off, let me start with my first review.

The Face Shop Herb Day Cleansing wipes
Price: $5 - $12.90 (10% discount for members)
Rating: 10/10

20 Sheets Its less than BND$5 but if you fork up a few extra dollars you can get a pack that has 70 sheets at just BND$12.90 (Correct me if im wrong). I like the smell and it takes off make up really easily, seriously in just one wipe, and it doesnt sting!!. It will last you for about 3 months, i just recently bought a new 70 sheet pack from The Face Shop. I sooo can't live without it!. Oh, and the plastic cover prevents the tissue from drying out fast.

On the other hand the other day, like a few weeks ago, i purchased facial wipes from Etude House (They've recently opened at Times Square, yayyyy!!!). The wipes are actually the first product that ive ever purchased from etude house and a nail polish but il do that in another review.


Product: Happy Tea Time Green Tea Cleansing Wipes
Price: $4.xx
Rate: 4/10

I purchased them in a pack of 30 if im not mistaken, it was a few weeks ago so i dont remember remember anymore. I feel that the material of the tissue wipes itself is a bit rough from the Face shop ones. And it doesnt take off make up easily based on my judgement. BUT that's just my personal take on this. :D.

I would pick up a new pack of The Face Shop Herb Day wipes anyday!

'til next time, Tata~

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