Selasa, 4 Januari 2011

Bumblee2: Maybelline NY Mineral Power Powder Foundation

Sorry for the 2 months hiatus or so. Just been really side tracked with a lot of stuff. Not gonna get into that. Excuses aside, we are backk!. And Bumblee2 hopes to fill ur screen with updates. Not sure what Bumblee1 is doing at the moment but im thinking she will update with all the salon stuff she's been experiencing the past few (two) months.

Ok time for a review. First review for 2011

Product: Maybelline NY Mineral Power Powder Foundation
Available: Guardian, Hua Ho
Rating: 9/10
I Love love this product, its perfect if u just want a light-medium coverage, it is buildable if u want to go for full coverage. Perfect for those who already have naturally clear skin and have not much to be covered. It comes with a cute mini kabuki brush, but personally i think that the kabuki brush is a bit rough for the skin. But it's small enough to be carried anywhere so that's a plus!. The overall product is GREAT, this is actually the first mineral foundation i've ever used. So i cant compare it to other products. It evens out skin tone very well id give it an 'A'. It doesnt feel heavy, like u know the feeling like u feel that u have make up on the skin, blurghhh.

I use it after i use a moisturizer. Preferably a tinted moisturizer, because it helps even out the skin tone even more. Use the kabooki brush swirl it on the product, tapping off the excess, and in circular motions brush it on the face until u have a smooth perfect coverage (while concentrating ont he places u want more coverage) . One downside is the price i think the price, im not sure, but i just think its more expensive here in Brunei than in other countries.

Mine is actually about to run out. So... that means... gotta run to guardian by the end of the month to get some more :).